Monday, October 18, 2010

Gu Jun Pyo Quotes

"Give you up i will regret till i die.” - Gu Jun Pyo

"You are like a stain I want to erase." - Gu Jun Pyo

"Don't drink when I'm not around." - Gu Jun Pyo

"Genie? Who's that Jerk? is he better than me?" - Gu Jun Pyo

"Can you see it? My heart" - Gu Jun Pyo

"Its first time I've waited for someone since i was born." Gu Jun Pyo

"I won’t touch them unless the girl likes me." - Gu Jun Pyo

"Once I’ve found the girl I liked, I promised myself I would bring her here." - Gu Jun Pyo

"But you’re the first girl the Almighty Jun-pyo has acknowledged" - Gu Jun Pyo

"A true man is someone who takes responsibility from the beginning til' end." - Gu Jun Pyo

"Bugs who wake up early die early." - Gu Jun Pyo [When I think of this quote I lol :p]

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  1. i simply luvd wen he misquotes